We supply Dexter Beef and Oxford Sandy & Black Pork reared on our farm.  Also Beltex Lamb from a near neighbour.

Our Herd of Dexter Cattle grazes the pastures around the Farmstead and the water meadows beside the River Cherwell.  During the winter they are housed in straw bedded barns with plenty of fresh air and fed on grass silage which is conserved during the summer months.

wellington the bull
Calves are born in the Spring and Autumn.  This allows us to spread our supply throughout the year.

Beef produced from our cattle is mature (24 months), having grown slowly with an emphasis on animal welfare and a care for the environment.    Because of the unique nature of the Dexter Breed, they produce beef of exceptional flavour and succulence. 

Our beef is "aged" for a minimum of 21 days in a controlled temperature store prior to packaging, ensuring the traditional flavour and tenderness like it used to be.

FROM FARM TO FORK:  All our Dexter Beef is processed and packaged locally for supply direct to the consumer from the farm.   We provide a quality product of known provenance, and supplying local quality food is our speciality. 

NORMAL OPENING HOURS:  We are open for business at the following times:

Thursday and Friday 9am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm.  You are more than welcome  to purchase outside these times, telephone 01865 351957.  

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